Varsity Program

UP Diliman Varsity Sports Program(UPDVSP)
Its main task is to serve the needs of the UP varesity teams. These include the facilitation of team try-outs and recruitment, provision of training equiptment and upkeep of different facilities that the varsity teams uses. Morover, it is also generally responsible for the participation of the different UP varsity teams in the annual Univiersities Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) national, regional, and international competitions. To date, the UPDVSP houses 24 varsity teams and approximately 400 varsity student athletes The UPSVSP is also responsible for the annual student intramural sports program and the UP diliman Employee Sportsfest every summer.
Who can apply:
    An athlete/dancer of top caliber who is:
  1. Willing to serve U.P. by being an active regular member of a Varsity Sports Team/ Filipiniana Dance Group for four (4) years Wiling to submit to the conditions stipulated In the Varsity Athletic Admission System Contract Willing to submit to the academic requirements of the University of the Philippines
  2. Willing to submit to the constitution and By-laws of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines(UAAP)
    Submit the ff. requirements to your perspective team coaches on or before scheduled tryouts
  1. Fill out information sheet (If you are already accepted by the coach) UPCAT result (original copy) with a grade of 2.80 or better Xeroxed copy of 4th year high School card. Those who did not take the UPCAT must submit certified true copy of grades from 1st to 4th year high school. Weighted Average should be at least 85%. Certificate(s) of athletic/dance achievements from your former coach /directress Xerox copy of birth certificate Contract to be submitted (triplicate) to the sports program Office if you are already accepted by the coach For transferees:
  2. Submit Transcript of Records. Submit all requirements listed under incoming freshman except requirement no. 2 (33 units with a weighted average of 2.5 is needed)

Coaches and Training Schedule

Event Coach(es) Time Days Location
Basketball (Men) Salvador "Aboy" Castro 5:00- 8:30 pm M-F Gym
Basketball (Women) Eric Castro
Paul John Ramos
5:30-8:30 am MTTHF Gym
Chess (Men and Women) Leonardo Carlos 4:00-7:00 pm
8:00- 12:00 am
Judo (Men) Emmanuel Jingco 5:00-8:00 pm MWF Judo Room
Judo (Women) Reylin San Juan 7:00-8:00 am
7:00- 9:00 pm
Weights Room
Judo Room
Swimming (Men) Noel K. Rivera
Francisco Santos
Bernardo Cavida
4:00- 7:30 pm Daily Swimmin Pool
Swimming (Women) Raphael Matthew S. Chua 4:00- 7:30 pm Daily Swimmin Pool
Table Tennis(Men) Isaias E. Seronio
Leonard De Leon
5:30- 9:00 pm
1:00- 4:00 pm
Table Tennis (Women) Oscar Santellices
Johnny Sarte
9:00- 12:00 nn Wed
Taekwondo (Men and Women) Caesar Mateo 5:30- 8:30 pm MWTH Gym
Filipiniana Dance Troupe Van Manalo
Kristine Faye Garduque
10:00- 12:00 nn MWTH Dance Studio
Pep Squad Lalaine Pereña
Niño Jose Antonio
5:00- 9:00 pm Daily Dance Area
Second Semester Events
Event Coach(es) Time Days Location
Baseball Emerson Barandoc;
Joseph Rajah Singh
3:00- 6:00 pm TWF Oval
Badminton (Men and Women) Ian Piencenaves;
Riemann Galliguez
5:00- 8:30 pm
3:00- 6:00 pm
Club 650 (Libis)
Football (Men) Giovanni Tolentino;
Franklin Muscan
5:30- 8:30 am TTHF Oval
Football (Women) Fernando Basug;
John Paul Demontano
4:00- 7:00 pm MTTHF Oval
Softball Francis Carlo Diaz
Marife H. Rosales
7:00- 11:00 am MWTHS Oval
Tennis (Men) Ariel Primo Juliano 2:00- 4:00 pm Daily TC near Eng'g
Tennis (Women) Michael Mora III 2:00- 4:00 pm M-F TC near SC
Track and Field (Men and Women) Rio Dela Cruz

Nestor Madrigal Jr.
Roberto Fresnido
5:30- 7:00 am
4:30- 6:00 pm
3:00- 5:30 pm
6:30- 7:00 am
Volleyball (Men) Sergio M. Isada Jr;
Jericho Hubalde
5:30- 8:30 pm MWF Gym
Volleyball (Women) Mia Tioseco 5:30- 8:30 pm MWF Gym