Undergraduate Programs

Associate in Arts (Sports Studies): this is a new two-year program that has taken the place of the Certificate in Sports Studies Program (CSS). Graduates of the AASS program are expected to acquire skills and competencies needed by recreational activity leaders and coaching staff of sports teams or dance groups in a range of settings such as barangay centers, sports clubs, resorts, school sports/recreation clubs, and fitness centers. Upon graduation they can continue with the BPE or BSS program through a ladderized program, provided they meet the grade requirement for the  bachelor programs. 

Bachelor of Physical Education: this program develops the required skills for one to (a) perform and teach dance and sport activities and (b) made simple recreational programs.
Bachelor of Sport Science: this program aims to develop individuals who will have the competencies to function effectively as science-oriented sports specialist prepared to work in an environment characterized by technological advances.
Diploma in Exercise and Sport Science: this post-baccalaureate program is for those who would like to take up physical education or sports science as another area of specialization.

Graduate Programs

The Master of Science in Human Movement Science is designed to increase the teacher-administrator's depth of knowledge and provide research experience in the comprehensive and systematic study of human movement in the fields of Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Leisure Studies.

Admission Requirements
Email for admission requirements.

Service Physical Education Program

The College services the other units of the University by offering the basic physical education (PE) courses which are prerequisites for graduation for an undergraduate degree or title.

PE Proficiency Examination (PEPE)
The PEPE was instituted to enable students already skillful in selected physical activities to earn advanced credits by examination.

Proficiency examinations maybe taken in selected PE courses.  These examinations are administered twice a year, before the start of each regular semester.

Other Programs

The College has non-academic programs in the area of sports, recreation, and dance.

Varsity Teams
Students who wish to excel in sports may try out and train for the varsity teams.  For men and women, there are varsity teams in badminton, basketball, cheerleading, fencing, chess, judo, soccer, swimming, table tennis, tae-kwondo, tennis, track and field, volleyball, baseball (for men), and softball (for women).

The University is a member of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) which conducts a calendar of athletic events during the academic year.

The University also participates in district, regional, and national sports competitions.  UP has developed outstanding athletes who have represented the country in the Asian and Olympic Games.

Intramural Sports

The College conducts an intramural program for the University.  This program serves the vast number of students who do not have the special athletic skill but who need the beneficial results of physical activity.

Varsity Athletic Admission System (VAAS)

Community Recreation

The College makes available to the community its facilities and resources through its recreation programs.

Organized non-credit instructional classes from beginners to competitive levels in various physical activities are conducted throughout the year.  Each participant pays a fee for an activity course which lasts from 6 weeks (during summer) to 18 weeks (during a semester).  Activities for all age groups include fitness-related, dance, and sports programs.

Outside agencies may also request for any sport service such as tournament management, physical fitness programs, instructional classes, seminar-workshops on physical education and sports science, within or outside the University.  The facilities of the College are also open for rent.  Fees for such services are arranged from case-to-case basis.

UP Filipiniana Dance Group

Student Organizations