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2018 Admission Bulletin for Shiftees and Transferees

Below are the instructions for students who plan to shift (from other UPD programs to BPE/BSS) or transfer (from other UP campuses or non-UP universities).

S1: Shiftees from Certificate in Sports Studies (CSS) to Bachelor of Physical Education (BPE) or Bachelor of Sports Science (BSS)
S2: Shiftees from other UP Diliman Degree Programs to BPE/BSS
T1: Transferees from other UP campuses to BPE/BSS
T2: Transferees from other schools to BPE/BSS
NOTE: Click the headings to download pdf versions of the instructions.

CSS Application Deadline set on May 11


Application for CSS has been extended!!! (Updated 30 April 2018)

30 April 2018 Update: Application is extended pending the release of UPCAT grade.

2018 Admission Bulletin: CHK Graduate Programs


2018 Application for Certificate in Sports Studies (New High School Graduates)